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I was really amazed at how fast she was able to sell our home. It was during the holidays and it's very hard to sell during this time. We had renters who decided to leave our rental property and it was a very stressful time. We contacted Cheryl Williams and she quickly started showing our home. She  is very professional. She kept in contact with us at every step and this home sold quickly. We live out of the state and I felt very comfortable and secure in her handling the sell of our home. She really works hard. There were a few days she was sick yet she kept working. I highly recommend Cheryl Williams and I would definitely use her again. One thing that really stood out was she is honest and is a hard worker.

Highly likely to recommend

We have been working with Cheryl for over 10 years on various real estate deals. She is one of the nicest people you will ever work with. We are very fortunate to have worked with her over the years. As a buyer, it's hard to have an agent who's not an area Agent. On many visits to homes in  Castro Valley, Oakland Hills and Hayward, the first thing agents asked us, was who was your Real Estate agent, and in the same breath say, if they are not from around here, we will not work with them. We did use them, nor did we buy the house where we felt uncomfortable. I didn't think that should be the case. If you as a buyer have a strong team of real estate agents, loan brokers and etc, you should use them instead of someone who you are not familiar with. In today market, your strong team will get the deal done! Cheryl is as cool as they come and will break through those clicks and advocate for you to get you the house of your dreams. She did that for us. I'm sure the agents in our deal will be sending her Christmas cards for years to come. We will no doubt work with her in the future. Thanks again Cheryl!

Highly likely to recommend