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Cheryl Williams

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Cheryl Williams

Cheryl is a native of San Francisco and resided in Sonoma County for over 20 yrs. She now resides in the East Bay with an office in Walnut Creek. A licensed Professional Chemical Engineer for the state of California, Cheryl loves solving problems and finding solutions. And she brings these skills to her Real Estate business. 

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What Clients Are Saying

Cheryl is the ultimate professional realtor that assisted (3) siblings in the purchase of one home in San Leandro, Ca. As you can imagine this was no easy task. We wanted shopping nearby, grocery store, a park, and local bus transportation. For Cheryl this was a footnote in her binder of  notes. Cheryl is passionate about real estate, has an engaging personality, she paid attention to all (3) of our detailed needs, and her knowledge of the local housing market made our real estate purchase quite rewarding. We called Cheryl at all hours of the day and night and her problem solving mindset at 11:00 p.m. was evident when we needed an answer "solutions" to last second pricing strategies and her unique ideologies allowed us to distance ourselves from the competition and close the deal. Cheryl was an advocate for our family but along the way she became the ultimate negotiator and our TRUST in her developed during the 3 months we worked together during the winter of 2017 in a hot selling market in California. Thanks Cheryl.

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I was really amazed at how fast she was able to sell our home. It was during the holidays and it's very hard to sell during this time. We had renters who decided to leave our rental property and it was a very stressful time. We contacted Cheryl Williams and she quickly started showing our home. She  is very professional. She kept in contact with us at every step and this home sold quickly. We live out of the state and I felt very comfortable and secure in her handling the sell of our home. She really works hard. There were a few days she was sick yet she kept working. I highly recommend Cheryl Williams and I would definitely use her again. One thing that really stood out was she is honest and is a hard worker.

Highly likely to recommend
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